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Brush 15 X 14 X 6

Mitsuba Starter Brushes, 10 Pack, 15.4mm X 14mm X 6mm with 31.5mm Lead - 54913000
Item #:54913000
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Product Description
10 Pack Brushes for Mitsuba Gear Reduction OSGR Starters
Voltage: 12
Length: 0.606in / 15.4mm
Width: 0.551in / 14mm
Height: 0.236in / 6mm
Lead Length: 1.24in / 31.5mm
Industry Number: FA187

Honda 31208-PC2-006, 31208-PC2-016, 31208-PC2-681, 31208-PC2-682 Other: SMU7500, SMU7509, 141-54000
OEM Unit #s:
Acura 31200-PM3-005; Honda 06314-P01-305RM, 06314-P01-306RM, 06314-P03-306RM, 31200-P01-005, 31200-P01-902, 31200-P01-905, 31200-P03-005, 31200-P03-005RM, 31200-P03-015, 31200-P03-015RM, 31200-P03-902, 31200-P03-P29, 31200-PC2-681, 31200-PC2-681RM, 31200-PC6-663, 31200-PC6-663RM, 31200-PC6-664, 31200-PC6-664RM, 31200-PD2-663, 31200-PD2-663RM, 31200-PD2-664, 31200-PD2-664RM, 31200-PE0-663, 31200-PE0-664, 31200-PE0-664RM, 31200-PE0-665, 31200-PE0-665RM, 31200-PE1-673, 31200-PE1-673RM, 31200-PE1-674, 31200-PE1-674RM, 31200-PG6-914, 31200-PG6-915, 31200-PH3-953, 31200-PH3-953RM, 31200-PK2-006, 31200-PK2-306, 31200-PK2-307, 31200-PK2-953, 31200-PM1-005, 31200-PM3-005, 31210-ZA0-982, 31210-ZA0-983; Kohler 267726; Mitsuba SM302-02, SM302-04, SM302-06, SM302-07, SM302-08, SM302-16, SM302-18, SM302-22, SM302-24, SM302-25, SM302-25, SM302-26, SM302-28, SM302-44, SM302-45, SM302-46, SM302-48, SM302-52, SM30227; Valeo 455578, 455578, 455578
Maniac #s:
16845, 16901, 16902, 16914, 17160, 17491, 18423