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Bearing 15x47x18mm

Bearing, 15mm ID x 47mm OD x 18mm W for Mitsubishi Alternators - 54714
Item #:54714
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Product Description

Bearing Specs

15mm ID x 47mm OD x 18mm W, 100% NEW WBD, Engineered & quality controlled by WAI for consistency, quality, performance & price, High temperature, hybrid polyacrylic seals, High temperature Kyodo Yushi Multemp ET-K grease, Labyrinth closure system that keeps the dirt out and the grease in, Manufactured in a ISO/TS 16949 facility, For :Mitsubishi IR/IF Alternators (D.E.), Double Sealed Sealed


Ford E8PZ-10094-A, Mitsubishi S930P18402, S930P18470, Nissan, Infiniti 23120-20P11, Subaru 23721-AA020, Other: 130-01055, 10-1583-4W


Ford (1988-1994) Mercury (1988-1994) Nissan (1986-1988) Subaru (1988-1991)

Unit #s

Ford E83F-10300-AA, E83F-10300-AB, E83F-10300-BA, E83Z-10346-A, E83Z-10346-B, E83Z-10346-BRM, E8DF-10300-AB, E8DF-10300-BA, E8DZ-10346-A, E8SF-10300-AA, E8SZ-10346-A, E8SZ-10346-ARM, E9DF-10300-BB, E9DZ-10346-A, F02U-10300-AA, F02U-10300-AC, F02Z-10346-A, F33U-10300-BA, F33Z-10346-A, F33Z-10346-ARM, F3DU-10300-DA, F3DZ-10346-C, F3DZ-10346-CRM, F73J-10346-AA, FO2Z-10346-A; Ford Engineering E83F-AA, E83F-AB, E83F-BA, E8DF-AB, E8DF-BA, E8SF-AA, E9DF-BB, F02U-AA, F02U-AC, F33U-BA, F3DU-DA; Mazda F278-18-300B; Mitsubishi A002T02394, A002T02394B, A002T14694, A002T47794, A002T47794B, A002T48594, A002T48594C, A003T00491, A003T00491MA, A003T00896, A003T00896ZC, A003T01496, A003T01496MA, A003T01498, A003T01596, A003T01596MA, A003T01598, A003T01598MA, A003T01691, A003T03891, A003T03891, A003T10598, A003T12691, A003T12792, A003T12792ZC; Nissan, Infiniti 23100-12C10, 23100-12C11, 23100-35F10, 23100-51S10, 23100-51S11, 23100-51S90, 23100-51S90R, 23100-V7412; Subaru 23700-AA060, 23700-AA061

Other: 13188, 13189, 13190, 13230, 13263, 13298, 14723, 21340, 22531