Bearing 10mm X 27mm X 11mm for Hitachi Alternator Bearing - 52710A

10mm X 27mm X 11mm Alternator Bearing

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Product Description

Premium WBD Bearing 10 X 27 X 11mm for Hitachi Alternators
Notes / Dimensions :
Quality: Premium / ID: 10mm / OD: 27mm / Width: 11mm / Bearing Type: Double Sealed / Includes (2) Plastic Tolerance Rings / Application: Hitachi IR/IF Alternators
Replaces / Interchanges
Hitachi : 6000TR / Nissan, Infiniti : 23120-0M000 / Subaru : 23721-AA080 / Other : 140235, 141103, 800051, 130-01104, B1050DRR-1, 62-B10-50LHA, RB-2710A, 10-1050-84, 10-1050-84W, 25-25-7025, Z5-2710A
Maniac #s
11121, 13329, 13334, 13534, 13612, 13636, 13637, 13638, 13640, 13641, 13642, 13643, 13644, 13645, 13713, 13724, 13728, 13760, 13778, 13788, 13789, 13826, 13895, 21501, 22670, 22671
OEM Unit Numbers
Hitachi 136121, 2506121, HAL-1100716E, L1110G-2100, LR1100-709, LR1100-709B, LR1100-709BR, LR1100-716, LR1100-716C, LR1100-716CR, LR1100-716E, LR1100-716ER, LR1100-724, LR1100-724B, LR1110-720, LR1110-725, LR1110-725B, LR1110-725BR, LR1125-702, LR1125-702B, LR1125-702BR, LR1125-702F, LR1125-702H, LR160-727, LR165-708C, LR165-713, LR170-745, LR170-745B, LR170-745BR, LR170-748, LR170-748B, LR170-748BR, LR170-757B, LR170-757BR, LR170-758, LR170-761B, LR170-761C, LR170-765, LR180-725B, LR180-725C, LR180-725E, LR180-734C, LR180-741, LR180-741H, LR180-741S, LR180-742, LR180-744, LR180-749, LR180-749B, LR180-749C, LR180-749E, LR180-751, LR180-751R, LR180-756, LR180-756B, LR180-756R, LR180-766, LR185-701, LR185-701H, LR185-702, LR185-702SR, LR190-724, LR190-729, LR190-729C, LR190-729CR, LR190-734, LR190-734B, LR190-734C, LR190-734E, LR190-734G, LR190-737, LR190-737B, LR190-737BR, LR190-737E;
Mazda BP4W-18-300B, BP4W-18-300C, BP6D-18-300, BP6D-18-300A, BP6D-18-300R0A;
Nissan, Infiniti 23100-0E700, 23100-0M003, 23100-0M003R, 23100-0M005, 23100-0P502, 23100-0S200, 23100-0S300, 23100-0S300R, 23100-0W000, 23100-0W001, 23100-0W001R, 23100-0W002, 23100-0W003, 23100-0W004, 23100-0W401, 23100-0W402, 23100-0W403, 23100-0W403R, 23100-0W404, 23100-1E800, 23100-2J600, 23100-2J601, 23100-2W201, 23100-2W20A, 23100-31U02, 23100-31U02R, 23100-3M200, 23100-3M200R, 23100-3S500, 23100-3S500R, 23100-3S501, 23100-40U00, 23100-4B400, 23100-4S100, 23100-5Y700, 23100-5Y700R, 23100-64J01, 23100-64J02, 23100-64J03, 23100-64J05, 23100-70F00, 23100-70F05, 23100-72B00, 23100-72B01, 23100-8E100, 23100-9E000, 23100-9E000R, 23100-BN300, 23100-BN305, 23100-EA201, 23100-EA20B, 23100-EA20BR, 23108-31U00, 2310M-CN10AR;
Subaru 23700-AA210, 23700-AA210F, 23700-AA211, 23700-AA211F, 23700-AA34A, 23700-AA34ARA

Starters & Alternators that may interchange may have different internal components. Please match your Starter or Alternator to the 'Unit Nos' from the above chart to insure proper fit of your component part.

update 01/25/18

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