Alternator 180 Amp  Volvo S80, V70, XC70, XC90 &more(w/ #s 0-121-715-009, -109) - 11346

Volvo S80, V70, XC70, XC90 Alternator

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Product Description
1 YEAR WARRANTY - Without Pulley / Gear as seen in picture

Quality Tested Alternator
For the following models WITH 180 AMP OPTION

2012 S60 L5 2.5L
2011-2014 S60 L6 3.0L
2008-2014 S80 L6 3.0L
2007-2014 S80 L6 3.2L
2008-2010 V70 L6 3.2L
2009-2014 XC70 L6 3.0L
2008-2014 XC70 L6 3.2L
Volvo Truck
2010-2014 XC60 L6 3.0L
2010-2014 XC60 L6 3.2L
2007-2014 XC90 L6 3.2L
180 Amp/12 Volt, CCW
This Application Positions the Alternator on the Side of the Transverse Engine. This Engine Does Not Use a Belt Drive for the Alternator. It Uses a Gear and Chain Drive off the Back of the Engine and Via Rubber Coupling, Drive the Alternator
Other Searchable Components: Bearing Kit Includes (2) Ball Bearings and Retainer F00M599401, Bearing Retainer DE Housing Attaching F00M508000, Cover SRE Housing Attaching F00M508261, Housing DE F00M587242, Housing SRE F00M587646, Kit Alternator Repair Includes Bearing Retainer Screws Thru Bolts Rectifier Screws and Regulator Screws F00M599400, Kit Repair Includes Regulator Screws F00M599411, Rectifier F00M599425, Regulator F00M346098, Rotor F00M581636, Rotor F00M581692, Spacer Rotor Shaft DE F00M990500, Stator F00M599496, Washer Lock Spring Cover F00M390011, Washer Steel Cover F00M390012

Bosch 0 121 715 009, 0 121 715 109, 0125811051, Ford 6G9N-10300-MA, 6G9N10300MA, Ford Engineering 6G9N-MA, Volvo 30644805, 31110085, 36000209 Other: AL0870N, LR031223, 90-15-6592, ABO0400 Maniac #s: 11346 11346N 11346R // 1 Year Warranty


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