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07-10 Volvo S80 3.2L Alternator

Alternator 150 Amp  2008-2010 Land Rover LR2 3.2L, Volvo S80, V70, XC70, XC90 &more(w/ #s 0-121-615-011, -111) - 11345
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Product Description
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Quality Aftermarket Alternator - 1 Year Warranty

For the following models WITH 150 AMP OPTION

2008-2010 Land Rover LR2 L6 3.2L
2012 Volvo S60 L5 2.5L
2011-2013 Volvo S60 L6 3.0L
2008-2015 Volvo S80 L6 3.0L
2007-2010 Volvo S80 L6 3.2L
2013-2014 Volvo S80 L6 3.2L
2008-2010 Volvo V70 L6 3.2L
2009-2010 Volvo XC70 L6 3.0L
2013-2015 Volvo XC70 L6 3.0L
2008-2010 Volvo XC70 L6 3.2L
2013-2015 Volvo XC70 L6 3.2L
2010 Volvo XC60 L6 3.0L
2010 Volvo XC60 L6 3.2L
2013-2014 Volvo XC60 L6 3.2L
2007-2014 Volvo XC90 L6 3.2L
150 Amp/12 Volt, CCW
This Application Positions the Alternator on the Side of the Transverse Engine. This Engine Does Not Use a Belt Drive for the Alternator. It Uses a Gear and Chain Drive off the Back of the Engine and Via Rubber Coupling, Drive the Alternator
Bearing Kit F00M349888, Bearing Retainer F00M348402, Cover F00M348634, Housing, DE F00M318011, Thru Bolt Repair Kit F00M349803, Screw Repair Kit F00M349804, Rectifier F00M349916, Regulator, Electronic F00M346098, Rotor F00M312028, Spacer F00M348500, Stator F00M349949

Bosch 0 121 615 011, 0 121 615 111, Ford 6G9N-10300-LA, Ford Engineering 6G9N-LA, Land Rover LR002426, LR007089, Volvo 31110082, 36000210, 36000210-0, Other 400-24219, ABO0399, 0121615011, F00E100025, 6G9N10300LA Other: 11345 11345N 11345R