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Larger Unit Orders: This map provides details about estimated shipping times from our main warehouse in Dallas Texas. We can substitute and use other carriers such as FedEx or USPS. We will ship your unit from the closest possible partner warehouse that stocks your order for fastest possible delivery. We have partner warehouses in Florida, Tennessee, Ohio, & California. If you choose select shipping, you will need to have the item shipped to the payment cards billing address. PLEASE NOTE THAT SELECT SHIPPING SUCH AS UPS 2 DAY, MUST GO TO THE BILLING ADDRESS OR ADDRESS THAT THE BILLING CARD HAS ON FILE TO PREVENT DELAYS.

Orders placed before 2:00 p.m. (CT) will ship the same day. After 2:00 (CT) MIGHT be next day. If this can not be the case you will be notified with refund option if needed. If you are ordering for Select Shipping services, please have item shipped to address that your card issuing bank has on file, or the item will be delayed to verify authorization. Delays in your order processing could also be due to incomplete order information. For example when you are having an item shipped to a different address than the billing, but you do not include the billing information (The name, address and correct phone number that the payment bank has on file for you). These orders will show pending until verified authorization can be made. Fraud & Chargeback Prevention

International / and Outside Continental U.S 48 States Shipping is unavailable for all Radiators, Cooling Assemblies, Condensers and similar size parts You may contact us here for more information if needed. We restrict international orders United States Postal flat rate package sizes (what can fit in boxes up to 10" square or 26cm square) and use only United States Postal System for delivery (USPS). USPS estimates 6-10 business days for package arrival to destination country. There it clears through customs and transfers to the jurisdiction of receiving countries Post for delivery. There are no guarantees on delivery time for International orders. If your part is urgent you must consider other options. Customs taxes charged to you, by your country are not added to our checkout process; so there may be additional charges applied by your country at delivery.

Also, your international order, may be cancelled do to unavailability of risk tools, package size, listing error, address issue, or other unforeseen issue. We do not expedite international orders, but we do process them as soon as possible. Any questions or concerns, please ask us. Thank You

IF YOU ARE ORDERING AN ITEM WITH A 'CORE VALUE', YOUR SHOPPING CART DOES NOT SHOW THE CORE VALUE DETAIL. Once shipping / tracking details are uploaded to your confirmation, the core will show itemized. (Also check anytime in the description of the Item for the amount you will be refunded). All orders within the 48 states are shipped with a core return label. WE PAY RETURN SHIPPING FOR YOUR CORE. Use the same box and the label to return your original unit (core) within 30 days for core credit. Also your Core label has all the reference we need to refund your order. Refunds are normally issued within 2-3 days of arrival. Cores returned after 30 days have been replaced and will not receive full value. When using UPS Pick Up service to pick up your core package, be sure to have the package ready for UPS. We will discount all surcharges charged for unsuccessful pick up attempts. More about returning cores and the difference between core and scrap

update 5/26/16

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