Starter Solenoid for Mitsubishi Starters (M371X71271) -  66033392

SB621, SB622, SB630

Item #:66033392
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Product Description

Premium Solenoid, Mitsubishi Starter
Notes / Dimensions / Application :
LENGTH CAN 55.70mm
Voltage: 12
Duty Cycle: Intermittent
Number of Terminals: 3
Application: Mitsubishi Conventional & PMGR Starters
Replaces / Interchanges / Components
WAI New 66-8326, Accumax 10-MI211, 10-MI231, 10-MI422, Accurate 7-862, Ford E7GZ-11390-A, F4BZ-11390-A, SBA18581-6340, GM 96058474, Mando 2EM063501, Mazda B6S8-18-X10, BPD4-18-X10, E356-18-X10, F2D4-18-X10, FE1J-18-X10, Mitsubishi M37174871, M371X60171, M371X60271, M371X60371, M371X62171, M371X62271, M371X62272, M371X62371, M371X62471, M371X62871, M371X63071, M371X65471, M371X68871, M371X71271, M371X71973, M371X72173, M371X72271, M371X72874, M371X93575, M371X95875, M375X00171, SB601, SB602, SB603, SB621, SB622, SB622M, SB623, SB624, SB630, Mitsubishi Motors MD607889, MD618543, MD619114, MD619140, Nissan, Infiniti 23343-AA000, 23343-M8011, Road Warrior 66-8326, 66-8326-1, 66-8326-B25, SNLS-610, Subaru 23300-AA160, 23343-AA000, 23343-AA090, 23343-KA100, 23343-KA150, Suzuki 31220-80090, 31220-82130, 31220-83020, 31220-86030, Valeo TM400B01201B
Maniac #s
10871, 16569, 16774, 16775, 16791, 16794, 16798, 16858, 16888, 16889, 16922, 16933, 16966, 16971, 16998, 17010, 17057, 17132, 17142, 17166, 17176, 17181, 17194, 17206, 17248, 17266, 17437, 17480, 17592, 17662, 17689, 17704, 17708, 17709, 17717, 17719, 17723, 17783, 17795, 17797, 17798, 17836, 17837, 17838, 17840, 17849, 18060, 18162, 18395, 19108, 19164, 19609, 19714, 19975, 30322, 31460, 31461, 32544, 33065, 33068, 33167
Unit's Original Equipment #s
MITSUBISHI STARTER #S 30L66-10500 30L66-10600 31B66-00101 31B66-01600 M000T60481 M000T71481 M001T40172 M001T60081 M001T60381 M001T66081 M001T68281 M001T68381 M001T70381 M001T70381A M001T70685 M001T70981 M001T70981A M001T71081 M001T71281 M001T71281B M001T71481 M001T71481A M001T71881 M001T72181 M001T72181A M001T72182 M001T74081 M001T74081A M001T75681 M001T77181 M001T79181 M001T79681 M001T79781 M002T13181 M002T13381 M002T13481 M002T37181 M002T37185 M002T37185A M002T41581 M002T41981 M002T42281 M002T42285 M002T44681 M002T46081 M002T46481 M002T46681 M002T46682 M002T47081 M002T47381 M002T47382 M002T47383 M002T47781 M002T47782 M002T47981 M002T48281 M002T48781 M002T48881 M002T48981 M002T48982 M002T49081 M002T49082 M002T49181 M002T49481 M002T49581 M002T49981 M003T21281D M003T24482H M003T24482J M003T24482K M003T24482L M003T25282H M003T27686D M003T30581 M003T30881 M003T30981 M003T33081 M003T33281 M003T33781 M003T33981 M003T38881 M003T38881A M003T38881B M003T38881C M003T38882 M003T38882A M003T38882B M003T38882C M003T38981 M003T39481 M003T39981 M003T41781 M003T41881 M003T43281 M003T43581 M003T43781 M003T43881 M003T44181 M003T44281 M003T44381 M003T44781 M003T48181 M003T49381 M003T49481 M003T70081 M003T70581 M0T60481 M0T71481 M0T84882 M0T84882ZC M0T85881 M1Q71281 M1T40172 M1T60081 M1T60381 M1T66081 M1T68281 M1T68381 M1T70281 M1T70281ZC M1T70283ZC M1T70381 M1T70381A M1T70685 M1T70981 M1T70981A M1T70982 M1T70982A M1T71081 M1T71281 M1T71281B M1T71481 M1T71481A M1T71881 M1T72181 M1T72181A M1T72182 M1T72483 M1T72483ZC M1T74081 M1T74081A M1T74581 M1T75681 M1T77181 M1T79181 M1T79681 M1T79781 M1T85881ZC M1T86081 M1T86884 M1T86884ZC M2T13181 M2T13381 M2T13481 M2T30381 M2T30385 M2T30481 M2T30581 M2T30586 M2T37181 M2T37185 M2T37185A M2T41581 M2T41981 M2T42281 M2T42285 M2T42381 M2T44681 M2T46081 M2T46481 M2T46681 M2T46682 M2T47081 M2T47381 M2T47382 M2T47383 M2T47781 M2T47782 M2T47981 M2T48281 M2T48781 M2T48881 M2T48981 M2T48982 M2T49081 M2T49082 M2T49181 M2T49481 M2T49581 M2T49981 M2T74081 M3T21281D M3T24482H M3T24482HC M3T24482J M3T24482K M3T24482L M3T25282H M3T27686D M3T30581 M3T30881 M3T30981 M3T33081 M3T33181 M3T33182 M3T33183 M3T33281 M3T33282 M3T33283 M3T33481 M3T33781 M3T33785 M3T33981 M3T34781 M3T34782 M3T38682 M3T38881 M3T38881A M3T38881B M3T38881C M3T38882 M3T38882A M3T38882B M3T38882C M3T38883 M3T38884 M3T38981 M3T38982 M3T39481 M3T39981 M3T41381 M3T41781 M3T41881 M3T43281 M3T43581 M3T43781 M3T43881 M3T44181 M3T44281 M3T44381 M3T44781 M3T48181 M3T48382 M3T49282 M3T49381 M3T49481 M3T49581 M3T49981 M3T49982 M3T70081 M3T70581 MD196262 MD196263 MD312078 MD316001 MD318086 MD320618 MD321445 MEA13-2
Carrier Transicold 25-34885-00, 29-70050-00, 35-34885-00
Case VA30L6610500
Caterpillar 1992334
Chrysler 05033067AB, 5033067AB
Clark 920971, 921615
Cushman 2702893
Genie 23456
GM 30005563, 30005925, 30005925, 30024597, 30024598, 30026097, 91174247, 91174639, 96058456, 96058457, 96064782, 96064783, 96065247, 96065611
Hyster 3049496
Hyundai 36100-23000, 36100-23000, 36100-23050, 36100-23100, 36100-23160, 36100-23161
Ishikawajima 18508-6550, 18508-6551
JLG Industries 7023111
Kia OK900-18-400B, OK900-18-400C, RK900-18-400U
Kubota 15852-63010, 15852-63011, 15852-63012, 15852-63013, 16225-63010, 16225-63012, 16225-63013, 19007-63011, 19837-63010, 19837-63011, 19837-63012, 19837-63013
Mazda 4780-18-400, 4780-18-400A, B301-18-400B, B301-18-400C, B303-18-400A, B315-18-400A, B359-18-400, B359-18-400A, B505-18-400, B593-18-400, B593-18-400R, B593-18-400R00, B61P-18-400, B61R-18-400, B61R-18-400A, B61R-18-400R, B61R-18-400R-00, B630-18-400, B630-18-400A, B676-18-400, B676-18-400A, B676-18-400B, BPD4-18-400, BPD4-18-400A, BPD4-18-400R, BPE9-18-400, BPE9-18-400R, E356-18-400, E357-18-400, E357-18-400A, F214-18-400, F214-18-400A, F214-18-400B, F214-18-400C, F214-18-400R, F225-18-400A, F271-18-400, F271-18-400A, F271-18-400B, F2D4-18-400, F2D4-18-400A, F8B1-18-400A, FE1H-18-400, FE1J-18-400A, FE5A-18-400A, GY01-18-400B, GY01-18-400R, KL86-18-400, KL86-18-400R, KLK3-18-400, MB301-18-400C, MB359-18-400A
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 30L66-10500, 30L66-10600, 31B66-00100, 31B66-00101
Mitsubishi Motors MD318086, MD318086D, MD319770, MD320618, MD342382, MD351508
New Holland SBA18508-6550, SBA18508-6551, VA30L6610500
Nissan, Infiniti 23300-00H10, 23300-01E10, 23300-01E11, 23300-01E12, 23300-05H11, 23300-05H12, 23300-18V10, 23300-20R10, 23300-20R11, 23300-20R91, 23300-44R10, 23300-44R11, 23300-51E10, 23300-51E11, 23300-60S10, 23300-D0212, 23300-D0213, 23300-D0214, 23300-D0511, 23300-D0512, 23300-D0513, 23300-D0514, 23300-K9160, 23300-M8011, 23300-P5114
Saab 32-00-6007
Subaru 23300-AA040, 23300-AA050, 23300-AA280, 23300-AA300, 23300-AA380, 23300-AA381, 23300-AA390, 23300-AA390R1, 23300-AA460, 23300-KA220, 23300-KA221
Suzuki 31100-60A10, 31100-60A11, 31100-60A12, 31100-60A13, 31100-60A20, 31100-60A21, 31100-60A22, 31100-60AC4, 31100-60AD0, 31100-60G10, 31100-64B10, 31100-64B12, 31100-65DA0, 31100-65DB0, 31100-67D10, 31100-67D20, 31100-67D20REM, 31100-67DA0, 31100-70D20, 31100-70F00, 31100-71J00, 31100-78A00, 31100-78A20, 31100-80091, 31100-80092, 31100-82130, 31100-82631, 31100-82632, 31100-826D2, 31100-826D2-REM, 31100-83020, 31100-83021, 31100-83030, 31100-83031, 31100-83E00, 31100-86030, 31100-86031, 31100-86032, 31100-86033, 31100-860D2, 31100-860D2-REM
Towmotor 971522
Yale 1500023-02, 9069916-00, 9069916-01

Starters & Alternators that may interchange may have different internal components. Please match your Starter or Alternator to the 'Unit Nos', 'Manufacturer Nos", and dimension notes from the above chart to insure proper fit of your component part. All component parts must be verified through description and/or cross reference before purchase. No returns on component parts. Exchanges only for like item during the 1 year warranty. You will not be responsible for errors in our listing. If you believe there is an error in our listing and need to return your component part please email pictures of your unit and picture including manufacturer number for a return authorization #. Order the complete unit if unsure on how to install component part, or not sure cause of failure to alternator. Alternators have more than just these parts that can cause failure. We can not provide technical assistance for your rebuilding project.

entered 8/26/15

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