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General Motors Actually Issued a TSB That Encouraged Owners to Install This Alternator on Corvette's All the Way Back to the 1997 Model Year. This was GM's Solution to a Really Annoying Rumbling Noise at Idle, Which Nobody Could Fix. The TG15C051 and the later TG15C046, TG15C089, TG15C107, TG15C139, TG15S051 are the Same Unit, BUT Using Different IDP (Decoupler) Pulleys. The Units Cannot be Used in Place of Each Other in the Applications.

145 Amp Valeo Alternator 2002-2014 Chevrolet Corvette  (TG15C013, TG15C051, TG15S010) - 13969
Alternator Rebuild Kit 2003-2004 Chevrolet Corvette with Valeo 145 Amp Alternator
NTN Bearing 6202-2RS Dimensions : 15mm ID x 35mm OD x 11mm W - 53500
Alternator Brushes, Brush Set, Valeo Alternators 14mm L, 6.5mm W, 4.5mm H  - 7308105
SRE Rectifier Housing Cover for Valeo Alternators Replacing 2650140 2650235
50 Amp Negative Diode -Set of 4-  Avalanche for Valeo - 12.8mm OD
50 Amp Positive Avalanche Diode - Set of 4 - Valeo Alternators - 12.8mm OD
Litens Decoupler Version Pulley, 6-Grooves, Decoupler,  17mm ID,  71.9mm OD - 79083387
OEM Rectifier Assembly with SRE Frame Valeo Alternators TG15C046 TG15C047 TG15C051 TG15C052 TG15C089 TG15C090 TG15C107 TG15C108 TG15C139 TG15C140
Voltage Regulator Premium for Valeo 105-150A Alternators on Chevrolet Venture Corevette, Oldsmobile Silhouette & Pontiac Montana Applications - 80084470
Alternator Stator, Valeo Alternators on GM Applications 140-150 Amp - 2650190
Bearing Tolerance Ring Cap, Valeo 2545308, 591002 - 85010003
Valeo Alternator Vibration Dampener 3.3 X 5.0 X 42.5mm Set of 4
Slip Ring Valeo Alternator ID 6.60 & 8.85, OD 14.90, Total length 48.30mm - 710111
Clutch Pulley Tool, Removal Installation for 33 Splined Alternator Clutch Pulley -1903
OEM Rotor Armature Assembly for Valeo 140-150 Amp 105mm OD 151.5nn Long - 2605915


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