On August 16, 2008 we decided to add 2 parking spaces to Maniac Motors. It was feeling like 120 degrees and we had 15 boxwood bushes in this space. They have been there for a long time. We would of liked to transplant them and we started to dig and dig and dig. After a nice one and a half foot hole around the base of the first boxwood, it laughed at our efforts just as solid in the ground as when we started.

The heck with that. Time for the truck and chain! oh how easy.

15 boxwood bushes out of the ground within 45 minutes!!

If you are wondering 'Does transplanting Boxwoods with a truck and chain work?' It sure does! Even in the heat of summer. Oh there are better ways, but this was easy. Out of 15 bushes 11 survived (AFTER BEING YANKED SIDEWAYS OUT OF THE GROUND WITH A CHAIN WRAPPED AROUND THE BASE!) 1 bush was torn in 2 pieces and 3 died very quickly.

Just for those of you looking for the "wrong but Easy way to do things that might work." That is how it worked with us.

While we were moving the boxwoods to their new locations, we kept the exposed roots and what dirt came out around the roots wet. Water deeply at least once a week for awhile could help, too.

If this success rate changes I will keep you updated.

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